How to Join

Getting started in the world of cycling can often be intimidating, but collegiate cycling is a great way to get started!

Our club has a fun and relaxed environment. We are happy to help you start riding, find new routes, explain the lingo, buy a bike, and introduce you to racing.

All Northwestern students (including graduate students) are eligible to join and race with the team. We welcome riders of all ages and abilities; whether you’ve just started riding or are training to be the next Tour de France winner, we want you on our team. While many of our riders choose to race in Spring, racing isn’t required. Many of our members join just because they love to ride and are very active with weekly rides. Learn more about the team.

How to join

  1. First, join our listserv, which we use to send out rides, questions, and announcements. Send an email with nothing in the subject line to and in the body, type SUBSCRIBE CYCLE Your Name (See picture below).
  2. Next, tell us that you want to join or ask any questions you may have by sending an email to